My name is Julian

I am an Audiovisual designer and Video Producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I approached the audiovisual world inspired by films, series and video games that accompanied me during my childhood. Inspired by stories that range from a child in search of his family to heroes who fight to save the planet.

Over the years I found passion in other stories: those that make up our day by day. I thank those who saved the galaxy in my childhood, but I also appreciate being able to be part of, and to be able to tell about those special events that happen once in a lifetime. And I think that audiovisual media is the best way to convey these moments. I love working with colors, textures, sound, different editing techniques and everything that makes up a communicational piece, making these elements play with each other and bring new universes to the screen.

That is why I focused my efforts on learning the fundamentals of various design areas. From understanding different editing styles to understand the user experience and mindset of those who will see and consume this pieces.

But knowing the basics is not enough, that's why I seek new challenges every day. Learning the state of the art tools and techniques so I can maximize the narrative of each story.